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September 23 2014

August 23 2014

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characters for a thing

August 17 2014

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is darui just ridiculously tall or is shi kinda short

well you see

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I drew this for my mom because its her birthday
happy birthday mom u darn furry

August 04 2014

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im starting to grow rlly comfortable w this style

July 30 2014

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cant stop drawing my ninjasona wont stop drawing my ninjasona

July 28 2014

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i drew my boy with some flowers

someone give him his own anime

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for the naruto 69 minute challenge

the theme was roadtrip so i drew my lovely cloud kids (and killer b)

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"Sometimes I lariat my trainer when we fly"

good thing the pokemon world has free healthcare

(by the way, a lariat is also a wrestling move, not a rope)

July 10 2014

Raikagays >> Cakeybots

the name cakeybots is really dear to me so I will still keep it tied to me by making it my username on my art blog

Im really happy that i got the url raikagay for my main!!

July 01 2014

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what if daruis hair didnt cover his left eye, and he wasnt wearing his jacket with the long collar

maybe he has marks left from his training days with the 3rd raikage, learning how to manipulate lightning at such a young age must come with a price, right?

June 18 2014

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hell yeah ninjasona yeah yeah cactus kenjutsu

June 17 2014

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i finally drew a good darui im finally doing my favorite character justice

June 16 2014

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kakagai mmonster au cuddles

just imagine how WARM Gai would be 

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alright alright alright finally got to draw my shark man

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have a poppy draw

id love her to do my hair one day real talk

June 08 2014

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never forget

June 07 2014

skartoargento just sent me spore on steam as a gift and I’m???? What a sweetie please go follow them they’re a fantastic Portal and other games blog om g !  !

Thank you soooo much skartoargento you are a big sweetie and I’m gonna draw you something anyways  !!!

someone commission me for spore on steam

this is too wild

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